Message from Chairman

It gives me immense satisfaction to serve as the Chairman & Managing Director of Harsha Industries.

The group consists of a diverse team of over 250 people with a variety of skills, backgrounds, lifestyles and vision. We draw, from this tremendous source of talent, the grit and determination to form a great team that is committed to the success of our customers that are of profound significance to us.

We clearly recognize that sound business practices are a fundamental aspect of corporate social responsibility. As a growing company we have set forth stringent measures and initiatives to strengthen corporate governance, ethics and compliance, safety and quality, internal controls and supply chain management. We are committed to observing the highest standards of ethical business behavior as set forth in our Group Code of Conduct and are frequently reinforced through training courses and other awareness programs. Beyond striving to manage our own operations in a sound manner, we also believe that collaboration with global technology leaders is also essential for us to create high quality products and socially responsible services.

Going forward, we will continue to build Harsha industries  capabilities and resources to ensure timely and on budget delivery of projects and services. We continue to set our standards on expanding our business in our core areas. Through consistent growth and accumulation of expertise in multi-faceted projects, Harsha industries is now venturing into new geographical areas and embarking on value added businesses in collaboration with renowned strategic partners.

Together with our talented team members and our strategic partners, we are ready to face the challenges of the coming years, and promise to transform our company into a global leader in our chosen field; delivering quality products and services in a socially responsible manner.